About Oncorus

Realizing the Full Promise of RNA Immunotherapies

Welcome to Oncorus. We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing next-generation RNA-based immunotherapies to transform outcomes for cancer patients.

While immunotherapies have improved outcomes for some patients, many patients unfortunately are not eligible for, or do not respond to, existing immunotherapies. At Oncorus, our goal is to enable more patients to respond to this revolutionary approach of harnessing the body’s immune system to tackle cancer.
We are advancing a pipeline of systemically administered product candidates for multiple indications with significant unmet need based on our selectively self-amplifying RNA platform. These therapeutics are designed to deliver potent, replicating RNA to tumors throughout the body to stimulate the immune system in the fight against cancer.

Our personal stories of cancer’s insidious impact on the lives of our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and, in some cases, even ourselves, motivates us each day to drive forward our mission to realize the full promise of RNA immunotherapy for cancer patients.

Our Team

Our leadership team has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing oncology therapies, including advancing product candidates from preclinical research through clinical development and commercialization. We invite you learn more about our leadership team, including our personal ties to cancer, which serve as sources of inspiration and motivate us in our important work.
Oncorus' leadership team, 5 people in a row

Board of Directors